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Once you've registered yourself and your children for our 5781 High Holidays Home-Shul, you will receive all links & advance information for the entire complement of 
Bless'd Fest family services & festive quests.


Check out our jam-packed Bless'd Fest schedule and read on below
for more information!   


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Rosh Hashanah Festive Quest: An all ages, family, pre-Rosh Hashanah challah dough make! Join Narayever member May Friedman for an exciting, sweet & delicious pre-Rosh Hashanah challah dough making zoom tutorial. May will walk challah-dough makers (and their junior assistants!) through each step of the dough making process. We won't make it all the way to the baking stage, but participants will come away with rising Rosh Hashanah challah dough that's nearly oven-ready. Be sure to bring 3 colours of play-dough, too, so that we can practice our braiding. All ages and baking experience levels are encouraged to join us: beginners should join at 4:30pm, and moderate-to-expert should join between 4:45pm. Participants 10 years and under should have a parent joining with them. Ingredients and instructions will be provided well in advance. Wednesday September 16, 4:30pm.


Live-streamed Rosh Hashanah Family Services: This beautiful, moving family service will be offered on both mornings of Rosh Hashanah, Saturday September 19 and Sunday September 20, via livestream, at 8:45am. Co-led by Sabrina Friedman and our fantastic parent leaders. Prayer book will be made available in advance. 


Yom Kippur Festive Quest: Join Sabrina and our awesome teen leaders for an interactive, educational, thought-provoking Yom Kippur experience in our YK festive quest zoom room. We’ll use music, crafts and other age-appropriate activities to help kids understand the importance of this holiday. This is an event for up to age 11. Participants 6 years and under should have a parent joining with them.
Wednesday September 23, 4:30pm.


Live-streamed Yom Kippur Family Services: More beautiful, moving services from Sabrina and our wonderful parent leaders. This all-ages family service will be offered for Kol Nidre via zoom on Sunday evening, September 27 at 5pm and live-streamed Yom Kippur morning, Monday September 28 at 8:45am. Prayer books will be made available in advance. 


Sukkot Festive Quest: What is this hut festival all about anyway?! Join Sabrina, our teen leaders and guest craft leader extraordinaire, Celebrations Chair Jill Magen for a delightful family-oriented Sukkah decorating, activity-filled, musical zoom experience. This is an event for up to age 11. Participants 6 years and under should have a parent joining with them. Wednesday September 30, 4:30pm

Simchat Torah Festive Quest: For everyone (really!) - Let’s celebrate our Torah all together through singing, dancing, crafting & more. This festive quest will be co-led by Rabbi Ed, Ruth Rohn, Sabrina Friedman and Jill Magen and will be for the entire community to replace our typical in-person Simchat Torah festivities. This event will be a mega zoom finale festive quest to close out our Bless’d Fest! Wednesday October 7, 4:30pm.



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Fri, October 23 2020 5 Cheshvan 5781