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Following closely on the heels of the Yamim Noraim are the festivals of Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah. Sukkot was known by the rabbis as HeHag, “the festival”, because of its crucial importance in the religious life of the people, and because of the great joy associated with the festival.

We will meet at Leo Baeck Day school for Sukkot services on Shabbat October 3 and Sunday October 4. Watch Narayever Net for details and to register.

The Narayever sukkah will not be available this year because we are not in the shul. Members who can are encouraged to build their own sukkah at their homes. For information about how to do so, please contact Rabbi Elkin. We will also not be able to circulate lulav and etrog because of public health restrictions, so please purchase your own set in order to fulfill this mitzvah. If you need help to purchase your lulav and etrog, please advise the rabbi.

Shemini Atzeret, with Yizkor and Tefilat Geshem, will be observed on Shabbat October 10. Because of public health restrictions on singing and dancing, we will not be having Erev Simchat Torah services this year. We will conduct Simchat Torah morning services on Sunday October 11, to close out this year’s yom tov season. Again, watch Narayever Net for confirmation and to register.

Remember – the Jewish holidays don’t end at break-the-fast at the end of Yom Kippur. This year is different of course in many ways. But our ancient festivals have accompanied our people through many different times and circumstances. We should all celebrate the fall yom tovim in whatever ways we can.


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Fri, October 23 2020 5 Cheshvan 5781