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The Adult Education committee is pleased to again present some AWEsome Zoom programs for reflection during the Days of Awe, Yamim Noraim ימים נוראים between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Links to Zoom programs will be sent to members and to those who have registered for the High Holiday live-stream services and programming. Non-members, please register for everything here

Unable to attend one of our AWEsome programs?  No worries! All our High Holiday programs will be recorded and available through to the end of September for all members and registered guests who were unable view the program at its scheduled time. Click here to request a link.

For information on Rabbi Ed's Yom Kippur Perspectives program, click HERE

with Risa Alyson Cooper
Friday September 10, 12:00 pm (noon) on Zoom
The new Jewish year of 5782 will be a Shmitah (Sabbatical) year. This session will explore the agricultural and economic "releases" mandated by the Shmitah year. As well, it will focus on the ecological and social dimensions of (re)balancing and healing that can flow from a cyclical relationship with time that mandates disruption, release and rest. 
Risa Alyson Cooper is an ardent educator, environmentalist and urban homesteader. She is the Executive Director of Shoresh ( and is happiest when frolicking in fields and forests. She loves talking about Shmitah. 

with Ralph Benmergui
Monday September 13, 7:30 pm on Zoom
Let's take our spiritual life and enhance it by creating a personal, spiritual toolkit. Find the practices and rituals that resonate with you. Join Ralph for a kick-start to an energized day of awe.
Former long-time Narayeverite and broadcaster, Ralph Benmergui has been a practicing Spriritual Director for over ten years. He offers workshops on saging and creating a spiritual toolkit. This fall his book I Thought He Was Dead: A Spiritual Memoir, will be released. Pre-orders are available on

with Marjorie Gann and Peter Sevitt
Tuesday September 14, 12:00 pm (noon) on Zoom
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z"l was one of the giants of Jewish life and thought in our time. His unparalleled ability to communicate complex Jewish ideas to Jews and non-Jews alike, and to integrate modern secular thought with Jewish learning, made him a unique public intellectual. Peter Sevitt and Marjorie Gann will discuss the ways in which Rabbi Sacks has enriched their understanding of Jewish thought and values, with special focus on his last work, Judaism's Life-Changing Ideas
Marjorie Gann (left) is a long-time member of Narayever. A retired teacher, she is also a children's author. Her most recent books are Five Thousand Years of Slavery and Speak a Word for Freedom: Women Against Slavery

Peter Sevitt (left) is a long-time member of Narayever with a passion for later life learning. He was the founder of Limmud Canada: A Festival of Jewish Learning and Culture.




If you'd like to view two popular Days of Awe programs from last year's offerings, please click the title below and a new window will open for you to view the video.

Days of Awe 2020/5781: IS GUILT A NECESSARY PART OF THE TESHUVA PROCESS? with Sofia Freudenstein
Video: Is Guilt a Necessary Part of the T’shuva Process  
In modern contexts, religion is usually frowned upon as a mechanism that introduces guilt and feeling bad about oneself. Is this what the process of Teshuva (or Atonement) demands of us, and how is that supposed to make us feel during the High Holiday season? Through the texts of philosopher Friedrech Nietzsche and Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, we will explore the nature of teshuva and see what it can mean to become a better self, guilt-free.
Sofia Freudenstein is in her fourth and final year of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, double majoring in Jewish Studies and Philosophy.  She is a Hillel International Student Cabinet Member, involved in interfaith activities on campus, part of a Clinical Pastoral Education unit, and co-program coordinator for Women's Beit Midrash.  In her (minimal) spare time, she enjoys being outside, reading, listening to music, and analyzing religious tropes in television shows.

Days of Awe 2020/5781: WASTE NOT: A SWOT ANALYSIS with Tanhum Yoreh
Video: Bal Tashchit: A Reflection on What is Wasted  
Bal tashḥit is a fluid concept that shifts over the course of history between an environmental ethic and a utilitarian principle. This talk will focus on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of bal tashḥit as an environmental ethic for today and tomorrow.
Tanhum Yoreh is an Assistant Professor at the School of Environment at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on religion and environment, faith-based environmentalism, faith-based environmental ethics, and religious legal approaches to environmental protection. He is the author of Waste Not: A Jewish Environmental Ethic (2019).


Wed, January 19 2022 17 Shevat 5782