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Aufrufs and Weddings


Traditionally, grooms would come up for an aliyah to the Torah on the Shabbat prior to their wedding. In our egalitarian shul, both brides and grooms come up for their aufruf. This custom enables couples to celebrate their union with the wider community beyond their invited guests, and to publicly affirm the Jewish character of the marriage they are entering into. 


It is so meaningful to celebrate one’s wedding with a richly traditional Jewish ceremony. If you would like Rabbi Elkin to perform a wedding ceremony for you, please contact him directly at The rabbi will want to meet with you to explain his approach and to find out what you have in mind for your ceremony. Several meetings will follow once the date has been booked. Rabbi Elkin does not perform interfaith weddings, but is available to counsel interfaith couples. Rabbi Elkin does perform same-sex wedding ceremonies.

If you would like to hold your aufruf or wedding ceremony with the Narayever, please contact the shul office for more information.

Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784