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Youth Programs

Children of all ages are always welcome in our regular sanctuary services with their families. Overseen by our Director of Family and Youth Engagement, Sabrina Friedman, we also have specially designed programming for kids throughout the school year & on the High Holidays. Parents also take on a dynamic role, participating in the youth committee or actively engaging in children’s programs. Our professional Director of Family and Youth Engagement provides programming and leadership to our children from childhood, to Bar/Bat Mitzvah and through their teen years.

See You In the Fall!
We're planning lots of fun, exciting and enriching Jewish content for the Narayever's High Holiday Kids' Programming at the MNjcc. Be sure to check out our Kids, Teens and Families High Holidays page for more information.  

We'll also be back to our regularly scheduled Shabbat morning programming (info below) on Saturday, September 9th. Come say hello to your teen Program Leaders, and introduce yourself to our new Shinshinim Gal and Itay! 


Each Shabbat during the school year we provide fun, interactive programming for children that centres around Jewish content.


Beginning at 9:45am, we offer babysitting for children 3 months to 6 years, until approximately 12:30 pm.


Beginning at 10:45 am we offer more structured children's programming:


Garinim (“seeds”, ages 0 – 4/5):
An interactive program for small children and their grown-up, consisting of exciting Jewish songs, tefilot, stories, dances and more!


Shtilim (“saplings”, ages 5/6 – 9):
The perfect program for those mid-age kids. Functioning like a Junior Congregation, the aim will be to familiarize and practice the Shabbat service, preparing them to eventually lead tefillot, and to be able to participate meaningfully in the Saturday morning services.


Netivot (“pathways”, ages 10 – 12):
This program aims to hone the older kids’ approach toward and knowledge of tefillah and their understanding of Shabbat. Our goal is to encourage them to confidently lead from the bema and equally important, to understand what they’re singing.


Other Programming:


Chalutzim Youth Group: for teens grade 8 & up. Our two Israeli emissaries (Shinshinim) bring their energy & creativity to offer interesting, fun programming throughout the year.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah: During the school year students approaching their Bar/Bat Mitzvah participate in a bimonthly class co-facilitated by Rabbi Ed and Sabrina Friedman, our Director of Family and Youth Engagement. The BBM class provides opportunities to explore themes relevant to becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah & fosters development of a shul community for our young people.


For questions about any of our youth programs please contact Sabrina Friedman, our Director of Family and Youth Engagement at, or contact Galina Vaisman the youth committee chair at

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