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Building Renewal - Accessibility

Above: Narayever members Josh, Gavi, Eliana, Ashira and Ali who have been instrumental in advising on all aspects of accessibility for our building renewal.

A key objective of the Building Renewal Project is to ensure all members and guests can be accommodated through major improvements to accessibility.

The key accessibility features include:

- An elevator providing access to all 4 levels of the building which will connect the front entrance at street level to the sanctuary level, the second floor (administration offices, rabbi’s office, washroom and meeting room), to the lower level (social hall, kitchen, washrooms and youth hub rooms)


November/December 2021 - concrete bricks in place that will house the elevator

- Barrier-free access into the building, including a hand-wave activated automatic door.

- Barrier free washrooms - One barrier free washroom with automatic door, toilet flush and faucet will be located on the lower level and another on the second level.

- Seating areas in the Sanctuary for people in wheelchairs and with walkers, a bimah at floor level (no stairs), and a shulchan (lectern) that can be adjusted to permit a person in a mobility device to participate. The Aron will also be accessible with two shelves for Torah scrolls; one lower for ease of access. A hearing aid system (induction loop) will also be provided for those living with hearing impairment.

- The door between the sanctuary and the new Beit Midrash will be operable with a push button for easier access and can also be opened manually.

Thu, December 9 2021 5 Tevet 5782