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Social Action Fund General Information

 As has been done for many years, the social action committee distributed its Yom Kippur Appeal funds earlier this year. Thank you again for all who contributed. The committee distributed $68,000, as follows:


Kehilla, an organization that champions affordable housing initiatives responsive to the needs of the Jewish community in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jewish Free Loan is a micro-financing organization that provides interest-free loans to members of the Jewish community in need, helping them to be financially self-sufficient and maintain their dignity during times of financial hardship.

Downtown Jewish Community School (DJCS); funding will cover the cost of DJCS’ participation in the ShinShinim program. Many members of our community have or are attending the school.

First Interfaith Out of the Cold Program, which provides relief to street involved people in Toronto. Many members of our congregation have been or are currently very active with the program.

Jewish Family and Child Services; funding will support (i) sending JF&CS clients to community seders; (ii) delivery of Pesach food boxes; and (iii) direct financial assistance.

Machane Lev, Canada’s first and only overnight camp (one week) for Jewish youth who are LGBTQ2+ or who come from LGBTQ2+ families/communities.

Ve’ahavta’s mobile response to homelessness, which is dedicated to responding to the needs of street involved people via a van that provides food and harm reduction supplies.

Makom Afterschool, an innovative and pluralistic Hebrew immersion and Jewish studies program for children in junior kindergarten through Grade 4. Makom also provides Jewish and Hebrew learning and Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation for pre-teens and teens in grades 5 through 8. Currently 1/3 of the students are from families who are members of our shul.


Merchavim, an Israeli non-profit dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in schools. Our funding will support capacity building efforts and their “Art of Kulanana” program which provides an opportunity for 9 – 12 year olds from diverse backgrounds (Arabic Israeli, secular and ultraorthodox Jews, and others) to learn about one another and build bridges between their communities through various art projects.

Kashouvot, an initiative that brings pastoral care into medical and community settings across the country. Its model is unique as it provides spiritual care in healthcare institutions, which is not institutionalized in Israel.

Leket, Israel’s largest food bank and food rescue network. It collects and redistributes excess food across the country in order to feed those in need.

Krembo Wings, which provides recreational opportunities for children and youth with disabilities in Israel. The organization is also dedicated to providing safe spaces for cross cultural understanding between its diverse attendees as well as important dialogue about inclusion of those with special needs in Israel.

Kvutzat Reut-Beit Yisrael, which began as an urban kibbutz of five religious and secular families living in public housing in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighbourhood. It now includes 85 families and focusses on building a just and pluralistic society based on socioeconomic equity and respect for difference among diverse Jewish communities.

Arava & Dead Sea Centre; funding will support their environmental education project that will take place in Ein Gedi High School in Israel and Gour Safi High School in Jordan. The 3-year project teaches local youth about their environment, while supporting professional relationships between teachers across the border.

Eretz Ir, an Israeli non-profit dedicated to raising the community quality of life across Israel’s peripheral cities through employment, community building and social entrepreneurship programs. The program will focus on economic and personal empowerment for 10 youth at risk. The funds will also be used to maintain and improve contact with the 100+ graduates of the program.


Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780