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Shabbat / Yom Tov Service Registration

Shabbat / Yom Tov Service Registration

Pre-registration is required for those who wish to attend Shabbat and/or Yom Tov morning services at Leo Baeck Day School (501 Arlington Avenue). A separate registration is required for each person attending so that we can properly track available spaces.

Please provide your name, email and phone number, and select the services you wish to attend.

On days where there is a B.Mitzvah scheduled, part of the capacity is reserved for the family and guests of the celebrants, with the remainder available for the congregation at large, so you will see a reduced number.

If you have registered for a service but find you can no longer attend, please contact the office at 416.927.0546 or to free up your slot for others.

*NEW: Due to Covid, all those 12 years of age or older attending in-person services MUST SUBMIT PROOF of double vaccination with an official QR code for their own protection, and for the protection of the entire community. Your registration is not complete without proof of vaccination. 
We anticipate asking for proof of vaccination from children 5 to 11 years of age at a later date.

We understand that there will be those who, due to age, cannot be fully vaccinated at this time. This means that there may be unvaccinated individuals attending in-person services. This is all the more reason for the rest of us to be double-vaccinated.

If you have not already done so please review the full list of protocols that will be followed during the services, by reading this document.

Please enter your contact information below.


From the dropdown list below, please check all upcoming services you would like to attend.

Proof of Vaccination

*NEW: All those attending in-person services who are eligible to be vaccinated MUST SUBMIT PROOF of vaccination that includes an official QR code. If you have not downloaded your enhanced certificate that includes a QR code, you can do so here:

Once we receive proof of vaccination it is noted in your account and the document is deleted.

If you need help, please reach out to the office at 416.927.0546 or to avoid any issues at the door on the morning of the service.
Use this box to upload your vaccination certificate. Please ensure your submission is jpg, png or pdf file format.

By checking this box I agree that I have read the First Narayever Congregation Service Protocol document and agree to follow all the protocols outlined therein while attending in-person services at Leo Baeck Day School.
Wed, January 19 2022 17 Shevat 5782