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Instruction at the Shul

All Bar/Bat Mitzvah students must receive appropriate instruction to prepare for the Hebrew material that will be recited on the actual Bar/Bat Mitzvah day. To assist with this, the Congregation has engaged a Bar/Bat Mitzvah teacher to provide one on one tutoring.

Parents should contact the shul tutor 12 to 18 months prior to the bar or bat mitzvah in order for the family and tutor to assess the tutoring needs and agree on a start date. Payment for Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons is made directly to the Congregation for the lessons. An educational tax receipt will be issued for the amount paid.

The shul tutor, Nirit Gruber, can be reached at 416.653.5368 or

A family may use someone other than the shul’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah teacher only if the Rabbi approves of the alternative arrangement. Administrative processing and the issuance of receipts by the shul is only done for families who engage the shul’s tutor.


All Bar/Bat Mitzvah students are required to attend the shul’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program during the year prior to their simcha. Rabbi Elkin and Sabrina Friedman (Director of Family and Youth Engagement and Bat/Bar Mitzvah Program Coordinator) co-facilitate this dynamic program, designed to provide opportunities to learn, have interesting discussions, and develop a shul chevra. Details about this program are provided during the Information Session held at the time the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is booked.

Shul Attendance

Bar/Bat Mitzvah students and their families are expected to attend Shabbat/Erev Shabbat Services at the Narayever to become comfortable and familiar with the service and the Narayever Chevra. In the two years preceding their Bar/Bat Mitzvah students are required to attend eighteen Shabbat/ Erev Shabbat services at the First Narayever as a minimum. It is strongly suggested that a significant portion of shul attendance occur on Shabbat morning, so that B’nai Mitzvah students are aware of the procedures associated with the morning of their simcha.

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