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Preparation for the Simcha


The Narayever is housed in a small building and seating in the sanctuary is limited. In order to ensure that everyone may be seated (invited guests and congregants) you are asked to limit the number of invited guests to 120.

In keeping with the sanctity of Shabbat and the meaning of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the synagogue encourages its members to observe Kashrut in celebration of the event. When the Bat/Bar Mitzvah family chooses to celebrate its simcha at an establishment that does not conform to strict Kashrut standards, then a separate card should be printed for the invitation to the party. It is the preference of the First Narayever Congregation not to have its name linked with the name of a non kosher facility.

Booklets or Programs

If you would like to make up a booklet about the service to distribute in the shul on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah morning, the shul has a template for you to consult. The Rabbi should approve the content of the booklet before the booklet is printed. The booklets or program must be brought to the shul prior to Shabbat.

What to tell your guests

The Narayever is an egalitarian congregation; that is, women have the same rights and obligations as men with respect to ritual participation. As such, men, women and children are all required to have their heads covered while in the shul and anyone standing on the bima is required to wear a Talit. We know that many woman guests are not accustomed to covering their heads in shul. Nevertheless, we ask that all guests respect this Narayever tradition. The family is encouraged to convey this expectation to their guests in order to avert any confusion on the day of the simcha.

As a congregation, the Narayever is committed to traditional halakha whenever it does not conflict with gender egalitarian principles. The Shabbat must therefore be respected and observed therefore:

  • cameras and telephones cannot be used when inside the shul or outside in the immediate vicinity of the shul;
  • pager units may only be used if absolutely necessary and only on vibrate mode;
  • people, including children, may not write or colour;
  • there should be no applause or hand clapping in response to the Bat/Bar Mitzvah student’s accomplishments.

Many families have found it helpful to include, with their invitations, an information card explaining the shul’s requirement regarding head covering and other shul traditions.


The shul encourages families to contribute the equivalent of 3% of the cost of the food for the simcha to Mazon Canada.

Wed, January 19 2022 17 Shevat 5782