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There are two main locations where programs and services will take place as of March 13, 2020. Please be sure to read all communications closely so ensure you are heading to the correct location for individual programs and services. 


102B Harbord St.  This will be the new location of the office during the weekdays but will also be the meeting place for lightly attended services and programs. The space is located above the Almond Butterfly Cafe just east of Robert St. on Harbord. There is a large heart sign that hangs above the steps that lead to our front door. Our office is up a flight of stairs and down a short hallway. There will be signage. This temporary space is a short walk from the shul.



Leo Baeck Day School - 501 Arlington Ave. Shabbat services will be held at this location as well as better attended services such as at Passover. Entry into the building will be through the doors on the south-side of the building closest to the street. We have organized a security guard at the entrance, a requirement of our contract with Leo Baeck. The Narayever is permitted access to a small fraction of Leo Baeck, the rest of the building is off limits. We will demarcate the boundaries of our spaces. That said it is important that we all have a clear understanding of our “Narayever Zone” when we’re there. For the first few Shabbat mornings, Narayever staff will be at Leo Baeck early to welcome congregants and provide tours as needed.

Narayever Services and Programs:



Effective March 17, 2020:

Friday night services at 102B Harbord St., Shabbat morning at Leo Baeck Day School, Sunday minyan services at 102B Harbord St. and all other synagogue programs listed below are cancelled until further notice.

Services and programs will be happening at both locations, below is a list of programs and services for the months of March and April and their locations. For more information click here for the Narayever Newsletter or email the office at or 




Friday night services, 6:00 pm, 102 B Harbord Street


Saturday morning Shabbat services, 9:00 am, Leo Baeck 


Sunday minyan, 9:00 am, 102 B Harbord Street


Pesach services April 9 (with Tefillat Tal), 10, 15 and 16 (with Yizkor), 9:00 am, Leo Baeck


Programs and Events:


Tefillah Exploration, April 4, 9:30 am, Leo Baeck 


Yom HaShoah commemoration, April 20, 6:45 pm, MNjcc


Family and Youth Programs:


Family and Youth programming will be happening at both locations, please click here for overall information. Below is a list of all youth programs and services for the month of March and their locations. For more information on these programs, email 


Saturday morning babysitting (10 am) and children's programs (11 am) will all be taking place at Leo Baeck as of March 14. 


Family Shabbat Service, Saturday March 21, 10:45 am, Leo Baeck.


Nashir B'Rina, Sunday March 22, 2 pm-4 pm, 102 B Harbord Street.


Family Kabbalat Shabbat, Friday March 27, 5:45 pm, 102 B Harbord Street


ShinShiniot Programs:

ShinShiniot programs will take place in various locations. Please consult the list below. For more information on anything listed below, please reach out to 


Yom Hazikaron rehearsals, various dates, will be at 102 B Harbord Street.


Yom Hazikaron ceremony, Sunday May 3, 6 pm at the MNjcc. 

Sun, May 31 2020 8 Sivan 5780